Out of this world

Since my brother and father are in town I thought it would be a good idea for them to at least see the sights. So on Sunday we headed to the Kennedy Space Center for a little tourist action. This is one of the few times I have managed to catch the shuttle on the pad, we actually were hoping that they would launch early May here … but that got pushed back to July as they have to take the Shuttle back to the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) for some repairs post last minute ‘return to flight’ tests. Melissa and I are both hoping that the launch will be late July so that we can catch it, this will be the first launch since the Columbia tragedy in 2003.

Discovery sits on the Pad
On the way home I took them along the scenic route hoping to catch more of the “real” Florida – rather than just the interstate. Along the way we had a whole new adventure.

Cavalier’s first blown tire
We had to make a short stop in Arcadia to fix the tire. $85 plus dinner later we were back on the road. This was the first time I have been driving when a tire gives out … but we were all safe and sound. What a day.

2 thoughts on “Out of this world

  1. Cameron and Melissa:
    Congrats on the new baby! Bummer about the tire. Was Joe with you in the car when the tire BLEW? Yikes. That one hasn’t happened to me (yet). VERY glad you’re all safe and sound.
    Great pics and commentary. I love Joe’s comments on getting the learning activites happn’n pronto. Smart kid!
    You both look happy and healthy. Enjoy these years ‘cuz they buzzz by with amazing speed.
    Oh, by the way I highly recommend Dr. Seus; he was a staple at my house for many many years!!
    Enjoy your new family life,
    Brenda Hemphill

  2. Just to let everyone know … Joe and Melissa had Mothers day between Mom and Son. It was just the guys (Kurtis, Dad and myself) out on the day trip.