Its been one week

For the one week old we thought we would do something special … head to Tampa for his first visit to Dad’s favorite theme park 🙂 Truly, we were up there for “my” Dad who wanted to check out some of the new software (Tiger, iLife, iWork).

Joseph was a natural
After a couple purchases we enjoyed dinner and headed home. Turns out iPhoto 5 does not work on my iMac 350 … oh well. What we have works just fine … and I will get a new machine one of these days … start saving for that PowerBook G5 – should have the money by the time it arrives 🙂

It was a long night…

5 thoughts on “Its been one week

  1. That’s a great photo of you and Joe by the Apple 🙂 Oh man, that sucks about the flat.. glad to hear everyone was okay, but sorry I still have your tools, you could have probably used them.
    Re: the G5 PowerBook, I don’t know.. this is totally unfounded but I get the feeling we might see it by year’s end…

  2. Sadly, yes. I have a PowerBook I get to use from work … but the ol’ 350 is our family workhorse. Honestly, it does the job just fine … minus the fact that the newer software is breaching the range of the iMac’s powers.