Grandpa comes to visit

Sorry Grandma … I try to get your cuddles in too!
Grandpa Bahan got into town this evening after a trip to Honduras and is enjoying this time with little Joe. It is just a short visit, but we are going to try and get some fun in the sun before he heads home.

2 thoughts on “Grandpa comes to visit

  1. What a beautiful picture of Joe. I love the black and white. Oh yeah, you look good too grandpa, holding the cute baby boy. I know how excited Cam and Melissa are that you are here at just the right time. Like the other folks have said, keep loading this blog with photos of the cute one. Sorry Cam that’s not you!

  2. Joseph Bahan. Very cute. I have only one question. Center, winger, or defense man?
    The black and white photo reveals that he truly has the most important quality from Cam and Melissa–mouth open looking for a coffee!
    Probably will have to wait a while for the cup of joe, Joe. Hey that’s cool! Joe Joe the coffee man! As far as waiting for the hockey goes, I’m sure that one will be taken care of pretty quickly, knowing Cam. The little man will probably execute a triple deke by 1!
    Congrats Dad and Mom Bahan.