First, we want to thank you all. The support from everyone has been great. Amy, Erik, and Madylne showed up yesterday for a full-evening visit … and while our backs were turned they showered Joe with gifts. And he enjoyed them, Dr. Seuss is a delightful read at 2AM 🙂

Good morning … now where is that coffee?
They were joined yesterday by Krishen who stopped by after work. He returned this afternoon with an entire gang from the office (Kai, Yawen, Mark, and Jeff). Darren also stopped by for a visit … see all the babysitters you have Joe!

Uncle spoils continue

Darren is a natural
Tonight I look forward to a little more sleep with a few less checkups required for baby. Last night he enjoyed, not one but two, blood tests (due to clotting in the first) along with constant check-ins by the nurse. This was compounded by the fact that we both awoke when visited or if Joe was fussy. So … tonight we look to a little more of shut-eye … but then again, anything more than 30-45 minute catnaps should be good!

Mommy enjoys some quality cuddle time

Relaxing … nothing beats skin time

One thought on “Bonding

  1. Cam and Melissa…what great pictures of your cutie pie!! It is so cool that we can share this with you. Cam…you look so comfy with Joe on your tummy!! Enjoy it!!!