Birth begins

At 8:13AM the doctor broke Melissa’s water and began us down the final path. We headed into the hospital this morning for a planned “Non-Stress Test” and the doctor decided that it was time to get the ball rolling. Melissa is currently being placed on antibiotics to help protect the baby during birth and then will likely get Pitocin to help initiate the contractions (if they don’t start immediately). Kurtis and I have raced home to grab the bags and extras to make life at the hospital a little easier. Oh this should be a fun fun FUN day 🙂
Baby is fine and mommy is fine … I am excited …. its time folks!!!!

6 thoughts on “Birth begins

  1. Cam, Very excited for you. By the time I get back from work today you will be a daddy…crazy!!

  2. congratulations… hope you’re ready for the next 20someodd years 😀

  3. This is beginning to be a verry long day for you both; when you called this morning it was 6:00 am here! Hope the wee Bahan makes an appearance soon!!
    Alicia was quite excited when I told her! Give Melissa a hug and more ice chips… Love ya Lynne 🙂