My brother, Kurtis, arrived today from Calgary after just completing his latest round of exams … so he thought he would treat himself to a little Floridian vacation. A good break before entering into another long summer of “scrapping enough money to pay for 3rd year” at U of C. He was also kinda pleased that he is going to be in town for the birth … which still has yet to occur.

To help on that front, we once again walked down to Starbucks for our evening mocha. Contractions are getting a little stronger – but still not regular and the baby has yet to drop … so we might still be looking at a couple more days. I must say, I am getting tired of this waiting – every little thing has me worried and anxious, I just want to get on with it!! However, things are all still well and I need to learn some patience … but keep your fingers crossed anyways 🙂

2 thoughts on “Visitor

  1. Crossed. I was wondering what you were doing up at 2am sending email, but now I know, it’s called CAFFEINE 🙂