130 bpm and holding strong

Well … the wait continues. Our doctors appointment was yesterday and it seems we have made little “progress” over the last several days (last appointment was Thursday). We are still about 1.5cm dilated, heartbeat is 130 (Melissa had not had a coffee yet), and the baby has still not dropped. Grrrrrr
He actually mentioned, that if we cared to, we could induce the next day (today). Show up at 5, go through a LOT of pain, and have your baby by the evening … but we are not in that kind of rush – especially about the pain. So we continue to hold, drinking tea!

3 thoughts on “130 bpm and holding strong

  1. 130? That ain’t nuthin, you tell her your HR gets much higher at ultimate! 😉 I hope you’re raising your child right from the start, infusing only Tim’s while still sharing the blood supply?!

  2. Darren! Your still out there! Where have you been? Two many girls, too little time? Obviously, we have not hung out enough lately if you are questioning my parenting methods! You have to ask about Tim’s ???

  3. Hey,
    John H passed on the good news! I just wanted to congratulate you and your wife on your beautiful new boy! My youngest is 5 now, so just remember they grow up fast. Enjoy every minute.