Get “out” of my belly!!!

This weekend was a pleasant one. We relaxed while getting some house work done on Saturday. Hung pictures on the wall, walked to Starbucks, and sorted out our many 4×6 prints into albums (or at least envelopes). We have started a couple nice photo albums now and realized how few prints we have of recent times. Duh! Can you say digital camera? So, Melissa is now tasked with going through all our CDs to find suitable prints for the albums … just don’t tell her, it was a “we” thing 🙂
Sunday we decided that … enough was enough! So, we are taking full advantage of God’s handy work … with the full moon and low pressure system (at least last night) we took to the streets for some walkin’ … enjoyed some living room dancing … received some pleasant evening foot massages … tea with rose hips … and, thanks to a tip from Theresa, Chinese food with hot chocolate. So … what is the result … we enjoyed some minor contractions last evening (early) … AND NOTHING SINCE!!!!! What the heck!!!!!
Well … at least we had a nice walk downtown…

First stop … Gillespie Park

There they have the “Gallery Of Patriots” … anyone?

it is basically a collection of statues of people around the latin America’s (according to the inscribed countries) combined with some of the US presidents (Lincon, Washington, …)

The park provided a very pleasant afternoon stroll…

…almost felt like a miniature Beacan Hill Park

After a brief tire repair stop, we headed downtown … the city is surprisingly dead on Sunday … but hey, we were there to “stretch the legs”

Then it was home for some chinese food and hot chocolate … honest, the combo wasn’t that bad!

2 thoughts on “Get “out” of my belly!!!

  1. Advise from My parents: Have Melissa squat down and wash the wheels while the two of you give the car a good washing. Mom says it popped me right out. Might take more than one car though.