Smooth Jazz on Single Digits

Last night was really a heart-to-heart between Melissa and I. A chance to reflect on recent events, apparently standing your wife up without notification is a “bad bad thing” (isn’t there a song that goes something like that?) To really discuss some of our throughts, feeling, and emotions as we look to the future (near term).
We stopped by Tandor (A local Indian Restaurant) and grabbed some take-out before heading to Lido beach for the sunset. Some blanket time on the beach between just us was something we both needed. St. Armands circle was packed … apparently the community runs events there quite often so we joined in after the sun went down (and we made our ice-cream run). Last night was “Smooth Jazz”, an every forth friday event. Wow … it has been far too long since we enjoyed some good, live, jamming tunes in the park. This is something we will be back to see again. I knew Sarasota was like Victoria, guess we are just slowly discovering how much.
Over the last several weeks we have been “shut-in” a little too much … not living “the adventure”, but more just “living through the days”. That is expected to change soon … stand by your phones!!!

2 thoughts on “Smooth Jazz on Single Digits

  1. Sarasota like Victoria? Point me to the young people already! 😀 Thanks for linking to the events page, sounds like fun 🙂