1 in over 10 million

Melissa has picked herself up a new toy.
It has been a day spent mostly around the house. The screeners have finished installing our new deck screens, but have done a horrible job. They told us they would be filling in gaps between boards and then did not, and they have created more gaps themselves since the boards were not perfectly square. Now we are left without our previous material (they tossed it for us) and without real protection from the bugs … grrr. But we cleaned the deck of nails and staples and tossed some remaining loose ends and repotted a couple plants. I also managed to clean my bathroom (been a while) and finally install a new cuboard and fix a couple of issues that have been outstanding since we moved in.
But, most importantly, I managed to catch some “playtime” of the ‘soon-to-come’. There is now some serious movement that really quite incredible to watch, a total hands-free experience. I did up a video to show you …


2 thoughts on “1 in over 10 million

  1. I didn’t know they made the shuffle in pink 😉
    Wow, that video is incredible! You can definitely tell it’s time, and soon 😀

  2. Wow! Doesn’t look like Baby Bahan is quite ready to come yet if he’s still that active. Either that, or you two are going to have your hands fool. 🙂