Its a bird, a plane, a pod of … sharks?

This ones for you Sid
Migrating sharks (mostly spinner sharks) are moving along the eastern south coast of the US. Right past the palm beach area we visited not only a few days ago. Apparently they are headed towards N. Carolina … makes you think twice about body surfing now doesn’t it 🙂
While beaches have been closed for the safety of the public, this should not instill panic but instead lead to education. Sharks are interesting creatures that, when given the proper respect, are just another essential member of our eco system. Maybe, Melissa, one day you can head out east to go swimming!

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3 thoughts on “Its a bird, a plane, a pod of … sharks?

  1. Wow, I can’t believe there’s only 30 days to go!!
    We are all well up here, enjoying the arrival of spring, although winter was pretty awesome. Alicia spent a night with Gma Bev over the weekend, had a great time. Love to you both will phone soon. Lynne