To Epi or not to Epi

Shot of the Myakka Prairies
This week was packed full of pre-birth education. We had another Lamaze class this past Tuesday. This week it was time for a video … WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. You know, I like the whole idea of having a child … had fun with the pregnancy so far (though Melissa might disagree). But that whole last few hours bit … not looking forward to that. OUCH! Sorry dear …
Now … the big debate is the “to get or not to get” the epidural. Yes it reduces the pain … yes it can make life easier. But, it can still hurt getting it in or leave you with a sore back for weeks. It can still miss or leave pain “spots” that at that point can not be dealt with. Not to mention that you will be bed-ridden until it wears off, so no walking – changing positions – or generally getting comfortable, and I like the idea of moving to work off the pain. Oh, and did I mention it costs extra! So, while the decision is Melissa’s in the end, I think we are going to try this one all-natural and hope for the best 🙂
We also learned a little about amniotomy, the act of breaking the amniotic sac. This I was suppose to do research on … so, as in school, I waited until the last minute and then printed off a couple quick notes that Melissa and I found on the web. Basically, the sac provides some cushioning for the baby on the way out … so breaking it essentially removes that. On the plus, it will speed up and initiate the final stages of labor. However, with the amniotic sac broken the possibility of a c-section becomes greater, once broken you are on a timer before they go in with the knives.
Oh … almost forgot … its relaxation time – this weeks homework. And to help me better understand the relaxing nature of a light massage I am suppose to receive three 10-minute back rubs … so far I have counted 1 short back rub and a enjoyable foot massage — FOR HER 🙂
Wednesday we got the tour of the hospital, we (especially Melissa) have already seen the place in action. But it was nice to get oriented with the different areas, they have a nice facility.
Beyond that … we have seen our second pediatrician candidate. This one seemed a lot better than the first … though I really wish I could give them a test.
However, parenting is not all about care and protection … tonight we visit the rink and the home team is in town, well in Ft. Myers. I am really looking forward to this – been missing the hockey this year.

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