After all the work of late it was time for a battle … a Battle On The Beach to be specific. A quick trip to the east coast, West Palm Beach, turned out to be the perfect outlet for it too. Krishen, Darren, Monica, and I joined up with a group from Chicago and D.C. to produce an all-star team: Tea and Strumpets. We may not have made it past the first round of the eliminations … but it was close … not to mention a WHOLE LOTTA FUN!
Melissa and I relished in the weekend away from home and would like to send out a big thank you to the team, all who stayed in the house, and all the players and organizers of the tournament. I am sure Krishen will have pictures up soon (and here they are), but for now … here is what we saw.

The team enjoyed a short break by playing in the waves

Awww … Melissa and Krishen found the water refreshing

Their 7 fields ran almost continuously

Sand completely changes the game

4 aside … stall count of 6 … better get the disk flying

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