A cats life

A story for you as told by Melissa:
I was sitting watching an entertaining episode of The West Wing when I noticed Patches scratching the outside carpet. We have been trying to get her to do for some time now since it is much better than the alternative of scratching the carpet inside. Carpet which we would have to replace when we move out if she ruins it. – Just as I am thinking “Good Girl” I witnessed one of the funniest events I have seen in a coon’s age. As she was scratching, her nail got caught near the corner of the carpet. She tried to shake it loose which only caused the carpet to flap up and scare her. As she turned and ran away the carpet folded over itself and her, and was now hitting her in the bottom, causing her to freak out more. After about three bucks with the carpet, hitting her every time, the claw finally came loose. Patches hides under the outside table and stares down her opponent. Unwilling to admit that she just got her butt kicked by an inanimate object she started screaming at the now dormant cut of rug. Trying desperately to save face in front of her slave (me) who was now rolling on the ground laughing hysterically.

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