Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Photo snagged from penderisland.info
Following BC news these last few days has been heart breaking to say the least. It seems that another 14 mutilated eagles have turned up in North Vancouver. That now brings the total slaughter to 40, all killed for the talons and feathers.
Those who know me well know of my fascination with the Bald Eagle, and really wildlife in general. Growing up in the Cariboo, interior of BC, put me right in the middle of the rolling hills and a thousand lakes. It was here where I enjoyed the early years exploring, hiking, and fishing – a part of my life I have been missing ever since we left the area in 1991. We had 2.5 acres with 7.5 additional undeveloped in the neighbouring lots … the perfect place for a boy to explore. Ahh, the memories.

Shot of my neighbourhood – those Sucker-fish were bad, bad, bad … or at least we thought at the time

You can see the surrounding area, just wish I had more photos
But I digress, the news of the eagle killings makes me sick. I am glad to see the $10000 reward leading to the capture of these individual(s). Though this must sound hypocritical of me … I will state we, as pre-teen boys, had a mission of saving the rainbow trout in the lake … and the sucker-fish were quite plentiful – though, unfortunately, inedible or we would have had many the feasts. This killing of the eagles is strictly for the black market … and it is of a protected species. And I am much older now 🙂
I hope they are caught soon!
This news bumped the original posting … the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trailer is out … and how timely … it released on the same date as our due date. Coincidence? I think not!!!

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