It was another long Saturday lost in the compound we call the office. I managed to skip out for a couple hours, just long enough to join Donna and Melissa for dinner at a local Indian restaurant and sort out Donna’s travel arrangements back to Victoria. But then it was back to the bits and bytes as I push to get a couple things sorted out for tomorrow.
It has been great to have her down here – though I know I did not get a change to spend the time I would like. Thus tomorrow I am splitting and heading down to Venice before she takes off Monday morning … just hope I am awake 🙂

Me thinks that I should finally go home. Things should be good for the boys tomorrow … err … today. Not everything is done, but I think the system is to the point where they can begin more testing. Oh well … I need some sleep too 🙂 — I will say one thing … things go slower at 3AM … just for note!

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