Happy Valentines Day

It is once again that day of the year, early in spring, when mystical forces cloud the mind and we revert to one of our most basic instincts – courting a mate. Tradition and obligation leaves the flower shops empty, cards shelves bare, and restaurants full as we woo our mates with proof that we can provide, entertain, and please them. Sometime we can even go a little over board and get a little cheesy … but it is all in the name of tradition right?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Together through the years,
Our hearts remain true

As a footnote, I would also like to say that Donna arrived safely yesterday. We enjoyed a short walk on the beach and a treat at our favorite ice cream parlor – Settimi’s – before returning home to a wondering slide show of pictures. Seems Donna has been quite the world traveller over the last couple years and treated us to a show of pictures from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland … wow … are Melissa and I ever jealous.

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