Worker bees

Postings have dropped off significantly over the last couple weeks … this is due to a couple things: lack of pictures and lack of time. Well … guess it more comes down to a lack of time 🙂
We are into the last few weeks before HPSN … which means we are all putting in the long hours to ensure that we put on the best show possible.
Beyond that, we have not ventured out much. Weekly excursions to the Rose Center as Darren and I completed the hockey season – just because the players and owners aren’t happy … doesn’t mean we are going to keep playing !!! (and they say that the hockey is just a habit and the public doesn’t care … habits are hard to break btw!!) Sad to think of allthosegameslast year – and nothing this year … feels kinda empty doesn’t it??
Anyways … Donna is coming into town tomorrow, so this week should be packed with fun and excitement … as long as I can get out of the office!!!!!

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