The lights go out

So ends another Ultimate season. Next week are the finals, a game we are not going to participate in this time round. I think that it is the first time this has occurred in the leagues history. Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. This year the other three teams actively recruited players while we held fast – though loosing several to work/family/injury. We lost our focus … lost our plan … and even while in the last couple games we once again found our stride it was just a little too late.
Though I don’t think the damage will happen twice. We are currently searching the Sarasota area for a field with lights so we can hold a mid-week practice/pickup game. Get back to the basics of throwing and catching. Think once more we are going to have to look at Sundays as not an option … but a must. I have only been 2-3 times in the last 4+ months and I have not improved my game – coincidence?. Not only that … we are looking to add to our team. While we have a strong group we still need some fresh blood … of both genders.
Now, if I could only get over this sore throat / fever / cough …

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