So, this weekend was a busy one … stayed up late – slept in late. I will state that my schedule is all messed up without my woman around. Funny how much of life is just “missing” … and you think, “Hey, I am going to have all this extra time to get things done that I have been wanting to do” … but nope. You end up sleeping in. Honey, When are you getting back again? I did get a chance to try the new rice makers I snagged for christmas … works well, though rice alone is not really a good meal. Hmmmm!
Anyways … enjoyed a poker/BBQ night at Jeff’s on Saturday staying up way too late only to return home and play Grand Theft Auto until the sun started coming up. After a couple hours of sleep I got out to my first Sunday Ultimate game in quite some time. Probably good to get some exercise and try and burn off the pizza that I have been eating lately. Funny … I am going out so that I eat healthy … see how screwed up my life is!

That night … after watching the Green Bay loss … Krishen and I joined the Johnson’s for dinner … Melissa and I are going to have to grab that Meat Loaf recipe from Amy – YUMMY! We then sat back and enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite which was well done. And it all started with a school film project done on a budget of $500 … reminded me the stuff done by an old friend, Daniel Hogg, back at UVic. Films like The Propellor Guy and Pen of Fury really hit the funny bone.
[Photos by Krishen, see more from this weekend on his site]

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