White blanket

My Aunt Dell sent along this picture of her backyard in Victoria
So … it is snowing back home. Not quite the Blizzard of ’96 but a little taste of winter is apparently pleasing Melissa. Glad to see she is having fun in the snow while ! am basking in the realm of a high pressure system that is keeping the temperatures in the mid 20’s (Celsius) … funny … in just a couple days I moved from over 20 below to over 20 above.
Quick step back in time …

Blizzard of ’96 hits Victoria – 66 cm (26 inches) of wet and heavy snow pack
Found this picture of my apartment building at that time — I was living in the first apartment from the right on the top floor along the wing that is visible. Grabbed this picture from Keith C. Heidorn who apparently lived there also during this cold december.
What christmas that was, my parent were visiting from Revelstoke looking to escape the snow … and then there we are … in a city completely immobile. For us it was no big deal … but my grandparents ended up with the only shoved driveway on the block. And with the cities last snowplow sold the summer before, the police and emergency staff were looking for snowmobiles to get around. As the temperature raised the snow became really heavy and roofs started collapsing causing serious issues for home owners – see victoria just does not build for that much snow … they are lucky to see a couple inches a year. As I said … fun times! That picture above really took me back.

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