Golden boys

Advertisement from back home … they know their market
So, last night I once again returned to the Rose Centre for a night of action packed international shinny. A game that would determine the World Junior Champions … a game between the hockey powerhouses … a game of red vs red … it was time for Russia and Canada to take the ice.
In a typical move of the media down here … since the US were not playing in the gold metal game … there would be no game – heck … they did not even show the bronze metal game (which the US lost to the Czechs). So instead we loaded The Fan 960 … a sports radio station I ran across in Calgary … and put the game on the speakers.
A goal within the first minute followed by killing a 2-man penalty set the pace early for Canada. Jumping out to a 3-1 lead at 3:33 of the second prompted Russia to switch their goalie … best intentions of sparking a comeback it instead seemed to kill the Russian intensity. By the third it was 6-1 Canada who just killed the remaining 20 minutes with limited odd-man rushes and pressure. Concerned more of protecting the lead than building on the lead. And that was how it ended … Gold for Canada … and continued domination of the hockey scene out scoring the opposition 41 – 7.

3 thoughts on “Golden boys

  1. Sucks to be you! I thought the game was a great way to spend the night. Tim’s by my side. Bet you wish you were here!
    I should mention that The island is expecting snow this weekend, with temperatures at -5. Perfection!

  2. So, who’s this Tim guy? Does that free up Cam to go out on the town with me then? What is “The” island of which you speak, and how come they have “temeratuatrs”. That sounds like a Russian spelling/pronunciation, have you gone over to the dark side Melissa?

  3. Mel – are you teasing him because he had to listen to that crappy Calgary radio station? I get it now, yeah, I agree, any station that is dumb enough to carry FLAMES games… 😉