Welcome 2005

A new year is now upon us … a fresh new start. Looking back at the past year Melissa and I can be quite pleased. 2004 was quite good to us. If you look back at our resolutions for the past year. We have come a long way over the 12 months … paid off many of our bills, got a bigger place, went exploring and camping around Florida, and so much more … it has been fun. [Take a look in the archives … it is a great way to waste a few hours]

This year we will continue the excitement. The baby is expected this spring … we are planning on coming back North this summer for the “Baby Bahan Tour” (Victoria-Vancouver-Calgary). What are our goals or plans for the year? I would like to start coaching hockey up at the Igloo and start getting out on the public skating sessions. Might get into some hockey (roller or ice) this year if I can. I am planning on less – but more productive – hours at work and more attention spent on those “side projects” (there are always projects and no time). Ultimate continues to be the game that keeps me in shape – and I plan to continue improving. We want to trek more to our south a little this year as last year we spent more time in the northern areas of Florida. But our main goal is to bring a new life into this world – that will likely take most (if not all) of our time.
Hope you all had a great new years eve and wish you all a safe and happy coming year. Welcome to 2005!

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