Holiday cold

We got snow for christmas. Christmas evening saw a dump of about 10cm, which is not a LOT … but it is enough to make a couple of us smile 🙂 Picked up a pair of hiking boots for about 75% off on Boxing day … figure at $25 it is a good buy even if I use them just this week. But with the colder weather has come the sniffles and the sore throats … we are determined not to let it get the better of us – face washes for everyone 🙂

The last night all the ‘siblings’ were in town we headed out to see Ocean’s Twelve … good flick but a late night. Once again it was an early morning as we were meeting Dad (Melissa’s) and taking a trip out to visit her family in Bow Island (an island of settlement in the ocean of farm land). It was a nice scenic drive as Dad took us on a “short cut” that lead us to some frozen gravel back roads … which I must say at a 110 km/hr were a lot of fun! You gotta love the country!!! Eventually we found the town of Brooks (which was almost a complete loop from where we left the TransCanada) and gas station … which was needed! As well as fuel, they had a map and knowledgeable staff and we were finally once again on the right track … this time no short-cuts.

Dad’s shortcut to Oma’s
So, we have continued to be busy visiting with family and enjoying the scenic country-side. Tomorrow we are up at 5am for a trip to Fernie for a skiing adventure. One of the things I miss most about home … the slopes. I hope to have the camera to share some of the excitement … we will have to see.

2 thoughts on “Holiday cold

  1. Exactly, very nice to hear amounts of snow in cm – although I like to use inches when describing the increasing size of my waist line because then it’s a smaller number (change). Enjoy, and keep us posted.