Christmas day

Traditional family gift opening
We were up early this morning … as is the typical christmas morning tradition. Melissa and I got away with some serious loot. Some for us … and some addressed to “the unborn”. We all shared in brunch with pancakes (with Maple Sirup), eggs & bacon, and egg nog. It has been so much fun spending this time with family … did I mention we love being back at home? It is actually snowing for christmas … light flakes … but snowing non-the-less.

The grandparents

I snagged a set of hockey tape from my favorite sister (and her boyfriend – who also got our “unborn” a Canucks hockey stick
So … after santa, after brunch, after gifts … what do we do? We put on the hockey game. The Junior World Championship starts today with Canada vs Slovakia. I will have to get a couple of these games taped before heading home … it might be the only hockey we see this year 🙂

Time to sit back and relax

Sorry Darren …

2 thoughts on “Christmas day

  1. Don’t be, but I am jealous. I’m watching the Bucs get their a$$es kicked, at least this time I didn’t drive up and waste money.