Tis the season

Finding the goodies and the Christmas party
Well, this has been a great week … can’t you tell? I have been so busy that I have not been keeping you all up to date. Hope no one is upset 🙂
Wednesday – The two gentlement of Verona
For “date night” this week we took in a play, William Shakespeare’sThe Two Gentlemen of Verona. This was our first change to catch our friend Erik in action … and I must say, he is good. Great presence on stage, captures the attention of the audience, and visibly enjoys what he is doing. This in addition to the rest of the AsoloFSU theatre company who also did a fantastic job. I can’t wait until their next production this spring … congrats … even with your broken leg 🙂
Friday – Company holiday festivities
Friday was our annual company “Holiday party”. It was more relaxed and entertaining than last years … the food was great, the music was good, and the drinks … well …
I decided to skip the camera … so you will have to check in with Krishen when he gets back from Augusta, GA
Saturday – Another of Jeff’s BBQs
What can I say … it was another great night at Jeff’s. Chicken wings, veggies, M&Ms, and Bratwursts … oh, we also had a blast playing Grand Theft Auto

2 thoughts on “Tis the season

  1. You better hope that the baby isn’t getting addicted to video games already via mom’s endorphin rush. Then again, what’s wrong with being addicted to PS2 anyway?! Just tell her to keep saying that the violence is unacceptable (as she plays violent games).