End of an era

In every life there comes a time to move on … today it is IBM. At 9:11PM ET Reuters announced the sale of IBM’s PC unit to the chinese PC marker Lenovo. IBM no longer will be making laptops and desktop machines … but instead will focus more on services, software, and servers (the three $’s) (not to mention chips and storage)
… or will it?
Just for fun … there are several rumors that IBM will be partnering with Apple. Such speculation is laughable since it is only coming from people scratching their heads about what IBM is doing. I am not going to get into it (which would probably be a discussion more for Technobabel)
Personally, IBM is like an old friend after spending 3 years working in their on-site support department . Even back then you were could often see other PC brands during an install instead of the typical IBM machine … which I must say really lacked some style. I imagine that it has just become cheaper to use 3rd party hardware than sell the IBM brand.
So … who’s next to get out of the PC business? Dell, HP, Apple, Gateway?

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