Bush arrested

This just in … Canada charges president for war crimes!

The article was absolutely hilarious …

… protester justified Bush’s arrest with a hypothetical analogy. “Let’s say I heard that my ex-convict neighbor is stockpiling weapons in his apartment. I call the police but they don’t act swiftly enough. So, in order to protect my family from this threat, I take matters into my own hand and break into my neighbor’s home while torturing and killing members of his family. Of course, I do not find any weapons.”
“If justice is to be served, regardless if my claims had proven true, I would be thrown in jail forever for acting like an insane, murdering, vigilante cowboy. All we ask is that George W. Bush – who did the same exact thing in Iraqi on a larger, more horrifying scale – be likewise held accountable.”

But by the time I really thought about it the site was already down (DUH!) … however, I did manage to find a cached version on Google and saved a PDF version for everyone.
Another spoof along these lines can be found here.
— Now, we all know that Bush left Canada just fine after a relatively successful visit. Canada is stepping up a bit and asserting itself as a nation a little more (good to see) … but this is definitely the first step to thaw the chilled border, something I believe is important to both countries. [But … you have to love the humor that ensues]

4 thoughts on “Bush arrested

    • If opponents of deeolvping new warheads are saying that the existing stockpile can be maintained indefinitely, that’s not correct. Plutonium is radioactive, and it deteriorates. Eventually the warheads won’t go boom anymore. As far as I can tell, the U.S. stopped producing new nukes after the Cold War. It stands to reason that unless we keep building new warheads, eventually we won’t have any.Personally, that’s fine by me. But if we want to not have nuclear weapons, we should say so. We shouldn’t be going around with a bunch of duds. Otherwise some president is going to think and act like he has world destroying power under his sleeve, and as soon as other countries realize that our nuclear arsenal actually won’t work they will test us to the limit. The worst possible position to be in pointing what you think is a loaded gun at someone, when that person knows that it is really empty.