Its a …

So, yesterday we enjoyed our last expected ultrasound and our little baby __ played a little with us. First __ was lying on __ front snuggling into mommy. Then __ crawled around the belly a bit before rolling onto __ back for all to see.
Everything looked to be in working order … 5 digits (update: per hand – happy John), 2 legs, 2 arms, a head, etc … we will get a better assessment after our appointment with the doctor next week.
Now, several of you don’t want to know the sex – which is fine. We know and that is all that matters. A few rules, if you know – try not to say anything on the comments. Also, if you are looking at baby stuff … we really prefer more uni-sex cloths and toys anyways – that is not why we found out.
So why did we ask? This has been the most common question. Really it is because we wanted to put ourselves in the right mind set. We found ourselves desiring both a boy and a girl for different reasons … the longer it was the more we invested into those “plans” and the more disappointment is felt – don’t think it matters which way the coin flips.
If you would like to know send me an email and I will be happy to inform you.

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