Turkey burn-off

Well, turns out it was time to burn off some of that added weight at the 1st annual Lakewood Ranch Digestive Hat tourney. It was a good tournament with several of the young high school up-and-comers and the home-from-school ringers – thus a great chance to get rid of some of the calories.
Side note:– but how can this be an ‘annual’ event (?) … this is the first year. I am putting forth a new rule; don’t use the word “annual” until you hold it for three consecutive years. Let the first year be the inaugural, the second be the second-consecutive, and then use the word annual for the yearly events. I hate the 1st annual x/y/z that never happens again … good intentions but no follow through.
But … anyways … back to the sore muscles and scraped knees 🙂 Thanks Paul for a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The team: Tripods

I’m not going to fall … not going to fall …

Never give up …

One thought on “Turkey burn-off

  1. Nice shots!! Glad to hear it went off well.
    Haha… nice to see you getting fired up about the misuse of the English language. 🙂