Late is better than never

Thursday was thanksgiving down here in the U.S. of A. and we once again joined in on the Johnson family dinner. A night full of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and murder. What’s that? Murder … yes … and turns out the Melissa is the best at it too (note to self: sleep with one eye open). After a fantastic dinner we all (about 11 of us) gathered in the living room to play a role-playing game called Mafia. To some up, you are all dealt out a single card to keep things secret. One person becomes the doctor, one the sheriff and one the “mafia” or “murderer”.
The whole “town” then goes to sleep and the “mafia” takes one of them out. Then the doctor gets a chance to “save” a town member followed by the sheriff getting a chance to investigate (points at a person (is he the killer?) and gets a yes/no answer). The whole sequence is controlled via a narrator who informs the town on what is happening and responds to the sheriff. Each night a new member of the town dies (unless saved by the doctor). It is the role of the town to find the murderer and hang them … just be careful you don’t hang the wrong guy!!
Through the whole night Melissa was the only one to kill everybody, while a couple managed to whittle the town down to just 3. Fun game for a large group … but then it was off to bed … read: all the pie was gone
… for the next day it was off to Myakka Park to enjoy the sunshine and wildlife … enjoy the pictures of the 2 day pre-weekend.

Comma sets in

Alright … who done it?

Melissa snagged maddy right away

I got a little practice in

Mother and daughter; sharing a moment

Dad take Maddy on her first hike

Back to the tree tops

Shot of the ferns growing up in the canopy

Birds were out on the hunt

Managed to get up nice and close to this heron

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