Different is good

So … its Thanksgiving week down here. Little late by my calendar, but hey … Turkey can come at any time. It is also a much more important holiday for the Americans, focusing more on the pioneers. Where as back home, in Canada, we would celebrate the harvest and the coming of fall (man, I miss the colours) and would, for the most part, ignore the history. It is hard to explain since there is so much overlap … pumpkin pie, turkey, and Mom’s famous gravy. But there is a difference – beyond just the fact that it occurs over a month later 🙂
This year I am suppose to get both Thursday and Friday off work … a full 4 day weekend … though on the flip side are a couple looming deadlines. Black clouds just rolling in over the hills and the storm shutters are fully up yet. Month 11 through month 2 are always the big ones at work where things seems to go non-stop. So one must take these vacations as they come … and if all goes well I might actually see some of it.
But until then … it is movie night. The Ines, Patricia, and Octávio came over with Kai and Krishen for a nice relaxing movie. Tonight we put in October Sky, the good-feeling true story of a coal-mining town and a group of their high-schoolers during the dawning age of rocketry. If you have not seen it … it is definitely on my recommendation list.
[On a side note: Melissa is famous. Her name is now plastered in the frames of time … or at least until they update the picture again. Check out the pictures (#5 on page 1) from Krishen’s latest trip to the park]

4 thoughts on “Different is good

  1. Cone mining? Nuggets, rocks, gems, ores, even oil I’ve heard of but cones…that’s a new one. I guess it explains the crunchiness of the ice cream cone.