Easterly Trek

This past weekend Krishen, Hugo, Ines, Patricia joined Melissa and I in a camping extravaganza. We headed out to the space coast on Saturday, pitched the tent, started the fire and enjoyed the roasted marshmallows. We had a minor hiccup with Hugo’s plane getting delayed due to a Boston snowfall … but everyone made it for a late dinner. And for those “first timers”, they even experienced a little rainfall thrown in at the end of the night. So we all huddled in the tent to play UNO before hitting the sack (literally this time).
The next day Melissa and I headed back along the southern route and spent a little time exploring Arcadia, a little town hit hard by the hurricanes this year. Downtown was like a ghost town, but it has some great historical buildings. After we got back we called up Darren … our adventure was not over … nope 🙂 It was time to strap on the skates. $6 for a 2 hr. public skating session on Sunday nights … 6-8pm … and we were not missing it. In the end I have a whole new respect for players that still play on broken feet, toes, etc … cause while I was on the ice I was by no means 100%. It was, however, a great ending to a great weekend … thanks to everyone. I have a perma-grin going today. I leave you with some shots from Saturday night.

Oops … not much more I can say

Yummy delights on the grill

Works just like an oven … only better

One thought on “Easterly Trek

  1. Love that first shot! Amazing, turned out much better than the ones I took (and well, I didn’t have the foresight to take a shot of a roasting wiener, it conveys the atmosphere pretty well).
    I’ve got a great shot of a wall of fire though!