The big question

Melissa snagged a new ride for a couple days
This past weekend at work I have spent hours tweaking code and configurations to obtain the ‘perfect match’. Essentially I was reading in a stream of data that, when plotted, forms a wave. The code needs to recognize characteristics of the wave (incline and decline) and trigger events based on those characteristics … sounds easy right. Well, the snag is that there are segments of the wave where I did not want to trigger (a ‘bounce’ that needed to be ignored) … so went the data collection – graphing- calculations – tweaking – repeat … all weekend. Adding sampling buffers here, trend monitors there, and sprinkling in some baseline averaging calculations for good measure. And the most fun … dealing with the annoying behaviour of Excel (can it be any more complicated to do simple charting?)
So the doctors appointment today was a much needed break … a short moment to help mend the soul … surprising how much a pitter-pat of a heart beat can lift your spirits eh! But then he, the doc, put us on notice … we are closing in on crunch time … three weeks from our next ultra-sound … and the big question … does it or does it not “have one”????
And while the doc will know … we have to figure out if WE should know?? So … the question of the day is … should we find out? Should we tell you?
… but tonight my brain is fried, though I believe the problem to be essentially solved, so I think we should go back to having some fun 🙂

3 thoughts on “The big question

  1. Well the way I see it. It’s really not HIS choice. 🙂 JOKE JOKE Please don’t kill me Melissa.