Cold snap

So, I heard it was going to get a little cold down here in the next couple days so I thought I would prepare … a freezing 18 degrees Celsius as a low and 25.5 degrees Celsius as a high … oh well 🙂

I have been looking to get back onto the rink this year. Have to get back into the swing of things … I have a kid on the way and all. Sure playing disc is fun … but we are talking hockey – completely different league … heck its an entirely different sport!!! The hope is that we can introduce the little one to the frozen game even down here … so it is time for me to get back into things. So … if you are stuck on what to get me this christmas – the simple solution would be padding for me (I am just not as springy as I use to be) … and maybe some skates, sticks, pants, shirts, etc for the little one. Hey, Kurt … you still have your old gear hanging around … I am sure those cooperalls could be used again 😉
[By the way, Krishen has some great pictures up of this past weekend … dialup conections beware]

2 thoughts on “Cold snap

  1. I’ve definitely got some padding that I can spare, and in fact it keeps getting more plentiful!