Sticks and Stones

… and running shoes. After a day of enjoying the sun down at the Polo fields I joined a game of ‘walking ultimate’, something I first tried back in Savannah. The disk had to fly inverted, you could only walk, and if available … be holding a beer. So under the setting sun (and well into the twilight) we played … and sometime in the tense moments of covering Krishen I corked his heal with my barefoot. Ouch! But the game must go on … by the end of the game my baby-toe was feeling no better – if not worse. By the time I got home, it had turned black ‘n’ blue … and is most likely broken … gah! Time to tape it up and let it heal. Funny how within a couple months both Melissa and I broke our first bones – both toes though hers was on the right foot and mine on the left foot.
But as for the day on the fields, it was the final three games … and Seattle completed a sweep. A new northwest powerhouse. It was nice to see Vancouver’s Prime play, they will be back next year looking for a little revenge. The men’s final was once again plagued with fouls … but the skill, the height, and the endurance was just incredible to watch. It ended with the mixed final, an OT thriller that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Then it was time to party, but you have already heard about that so I will just leave you with a couple pictures …

2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. Some great shots in there, especially that last one! I’m going to try and get my shots up tonight. Thanks again for the use of your card reader. I think I’m going to get one, it was much easier than trying to fight with the Auto-off feature in my Canon Powershot G3.
    “Sticks and Stones”, eh? “Sticks and Heels” is more like it!

  2. Don’t forget the (shameless) plug that Prime and Furious are each the defending WORLD champions (won this past August) both over their American counterparts.