The UPA is back in town

The UPA National Championships were back in town at the Polo fields. 60 teams, 40 fields, over a 1000 players were in town to take part … and among them at least two from Vancouver and two Ottawa/Toronto (thought I saw one more but I could be wrong). At last check the Vancouver women’s team (Prime) and Vancouver men’s team (Furious George) had both made it into the semi … though Furious was trailing 10-7 when we had to head out. But it seems they eventually lost the game 15-11, according to the official results … and so ends their two year winning streak. But there is always next year. The good news, Prime did make the finals winning 14-11 over Lady Godiva.

2 thoughts on “The UPA is back in town

  1. Great shots!! Too bad about Furious losing out to Jam — would have been fun to start a Canadian dynasty. 🙂 Looking forward to watching the Prime game though — awesome they made it to the finals, don’t think they made it nearly that far last year.

  2. I’m truly sorry you had to miss the rest of that Furious game! But as you so eloquently put it, “that’s why I’m married and you’re single”.
    GLUM (masters?) and GOAT (open?) are from the TO/Ottawa area I think. I’d have to check the program at home.