End of a trimester

Marking the last day of the first trimester
Shorts, pants … and well anything that has a non-stretchable waistline is feeling “tight”. For the most part, morning sickness seems to be a thing of the past but now “we” are more grumpy, tired, and sore. But “I” am dealing well with that … “remember; a smile takes less muscles than a frown”. Truthfully, this is a really exciting time for both of us. Melissa is just barely starting to show and her daily sickness has dramatically decreased which means we are a little more active again. We are 1/3 of the way … wow, how time flies.
Now fully-loaded, Mr/Ms baby is approximately 3 1/3 inches from head to bum, is just starting to develop the important “hearing” mechanisms, and now has all the vital organs. We are just waiting for his first, non-doctor assisted, hello … the all powerful sound of a beating heart (we have a stethoscope waiting).

2 thoughts on “End of a trimester

  1. Remind me to watch everything I say when I’m around now, heaven knows we don’t want said child emulating ANYTHING that is related to me 😉 (or so the mommy has told me)