Take yur aspirin!

So, this afternoon we took Patches to her regular doctor … just a post-emergency checkup. We were concerned about possible blood tests, x-rays, and needles … but she suggested we might just skip the nasty stuff. Blood tests were done 6 months ago so she felt there wouldn’t be anything new – and she was not showing any weight loss (just call her Mrs. Fat Cat … err chubby?? … err I mean pretty girl! ). X-rays might be able to discount things but would not likely point to anything in particular. And the needles? Well … they did not really help last time – and the aspirin should really do the same thing.
So, 81mg of (Childrens) Aspirin once every three days is the continuing treatment for the next couple weeks. Takes care of both the inflammation and any possible blood clotting at the same time – too birds : one pill!. We will keep our eyes open over the next couple days. For now she seems to be doing much better …

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