Latenight E.R.

So, after what was pretty much a perfect weekend, Melissa and I sat down to enjoy the romantic comedy You’ve got mail. Not half way in, Patches decided to join us … but, we noticed, failed to get comfortable. As Melissa started to help Patches winced in pain. So Melissa put her back on the ground – but the pain was still there and Patches hissed at Melissa (definitely abnormal). It was then that she took only a few steps, not really using her hind legs that sent Melissa running to the phone. At 17 years old, Patches has lived a long life … and spending that entire 17 years in the care of Melissa has created a bond there that is incredible.
So, it was off to “Animal E.R.” … an after hours animal clinic intended for emergencies. Now, as we were getting Patches ready she tried to run (like most of us the thought of doctors makes her groan), which meant she used all four of her legs again … easing a lot of our worry. But then came the ‘well what could it be questions’ … which an hour in Emergency did not really solve. Once there Patches put on a brave face. So? Doc says that it could be Arthritis (which we know she has a bit of), Acute Abdomen Syndrome, or Thromboemolus (which is basically blood clotting). Now, if it was blood clots then it is not likely she would regain the use of her legs … but maybe we just caught it early. So the treatment: 1 children’s aspirin (81mg) every three days [this should only be done at the doctors recommendation – Aspirin can be very dangerous]
So we will see how it goes … she looks to be doing well this morning.
All this after a nice weekend of Mote, Jeff’s famous BBQ, Ice Cream, and a Lido Beach sunset with Krishen, Patricia, and Ines. Next weekend we should be heading to Venice … so bring the swimsuits!

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