The good, the bad, and the challenge

The Good
We picked up a couple attachments this past week for our Canon PowerShot G3; a lens adapter which will allow us to add a telephoto and wide-angle lens to our camera (also a micro, but I don’t think we would use one of those). And to go along with the adapter, a polarized filter. So we headed out one evening to snap some pictures … and … nothing! But then again, it was getting dark so there was not a lot for the filter to do … we will try it again this weekend. We are also looking for some coloured filters – though we might opt for some home-grown solutions. We did snap a couple pictures on our trek …

The Bad
An now that we have picked up ‘extras’ for the camera … now we start to have problems. Seems the USB connector that is built into the G3 is having problems … so it take a while to get a stable connection to download the files. Good news here is that card readers are relatively inexpensive, so Melissa and I will likely grab one this weekend. Sucks since it is not quite as convenient but this is a lot cheaper solution that Canon’s $175 minimum repair bill. They did offer an upgrade path to the PowerShot G5 … but we have heard that there are some issues with low-light pictures so decided against it.
The Challenge
Now, I have been sitting on this for a couple weeks now … but had yet to announce it. So … for those who accept … its the DP Challenge 2004. The idea … snap a few shots from around your neighbourhood and submit them to me for posting (watermark them if you like) or post them yourself and send me the link. Once the photo are posted, we will have enjoy a walk through the virtual gallery. I have been trying to figure out a way of “voting” on the final submissions, but have not been able to come up with a simple and clean solution … so at the moment it is entirely for fun.
Categories: Scenic, Wildlife, Action, Urban, and Artistic
Submission: includes 4 pictures for each category.
Deadline: November 1st
Go out … have fun … snap pictures 🙂

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