Our first scare

Today was another appointment with Mr. Doctor … this being the first one I was skipping (bad Dad! … bad bad Dad!). Melissa called me after to let me know how things went. Well, turns out that the doctor could not hear the babies heart beat (at 11 weeks … that is not really “that” surprising) … yet, talk about stopping your own heart. The doctor did an ultra-sound right away and found our little one safe and sound, all snuggled into Mommy.
So everything is cool … but that is really the first time I felt my stomach tighten up. New sensations, both good and bad, are occurring almost every day … ain’t it great to be a expectant Dad … err … parent 🙂

One thought on “Our first scare

  1. Know the feeling. On our second Dr. visit with this pregnancy, they couldn’t hear the heartbeat on the doppler either. A short trip down to the ultrasound showed that the baby was fine. Just had an anterior placenta which made it extremely difficult to hear the babies heartbeat over Karin’s. It will definitely get your heart going though. Especially if you aren’t their to have the doctor reassure you.