Into myth and legend

What a wonderful weekend. Joined Hugo, Patricia, and Ines in a canoe trip into the rivers and streams of Myakka River State Park. The semi-flooded prairies allowed us to enjoy a little exploring, we paddling around grassy islands and past alligators … truly enjoying the wildlife and the outdoors.
But I got a call in the evening from Jeff – who had apparently just finished watching The Alamo and had a question: Who are the Canadian hero’s? Apparently, the movie includes a couple of legendary personalities from American history and he was curious who was made of legend in the great white north. Well, it caught me a little off guard and my mind could not make the switch … could not remember “any” names. This truly disturbed me as I use to think of myself as a history buff … though my memory was never quite up to the challenge. I managed to come up with Roberta Bondar and major events such as Confederation, Vimmy Ridge, and The “last spike” – a project that joined a country. Then there were also the inventors and inventions.
In some ways I find that we, as Canadians, don’t express ourselves in forms of “heros”. We recognize achievements and document events, but don’t often create legends out of men. But after thinking … there are many others that helped shape Canadian history. People like Louis Riel and Billy Bishop. The PM’s of John A. MacDonald, Lester B. Pearson, and Trudeau. The sports figures of Terry Fox, and Rick Hansen, Wayne Gretzky, and of course Paul Henderson. (Suppose you could never leave out the famous Tim Horton).
I found this list online, as well as this site on famous Canadians (it also has a little detail on the War of 1812) … but I am sure there are more … so what Canadian hero’s do you remember? And who was your favorite?

3 thoughts on “Into myth and legend

  1. Hah. I love Canadian minutes. The only name I remember from my grade 4 Canadian history class is Leif Ericsson. You’re right about Canadian heroes though — I don’t remember many of them. I guess every generation will have different ones — as with you I remember Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, and Wayne Gretzky. Ben Johnson could’ve been a hero if he hadn’t been busted for steroids :P. (I remember being so excited watching that race on tv)
    Oh, I know — Mr. Dressup. Definitely my favourite.. oh the wonders that were contained in the tickle trunk! 🙂