Once again Wednesday rolled around … that means “date night”. The one day a week that Melissa and I set aside for some “us” time. Time that we feel is important to building our relationship. ‘Sustaining development’ so to speak.
The last couple weeks have started to seem pretty regular … dinner, baby shopping, maybe a movie … basically everyday things – it is just time we are spending together. This week I wanted to through a little spice into things … try something new … be adventurous …. play MINI-GOLF!! Now, I know what you are thinking … “Mini-golf, thats not new … thats not adventurous” … yes but as Jeff pointed out, “your giving Melissa a ‘club’?” – think about it! (guess it is a good thing she was not mad at me eh?). Also, Melissa and I have never had a game of mini-golf together … thus new.
So off we went to putt around the “wild west” … and putt we did. Think I came within range of one of my standard golf scores – and this time I never left the green. But we had a blast … almost felt like an actual “date” … and I was out with a good-lookin’ woman, what could be better?
After 18 holes, we headed to Siesta for a stroll in the sand. In all, another lovely Wednesday night.

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