Surfing the bits and bytes

I have been browsing some other web sites of recent; Rands in Repose, Daring Fireball, Murchison’s Musings, and DrunkenBlog. Several of their articles have crossed paths with my daily “news-navigation” time – and now have been integrated. Often developers themselves, I have found that I am getting more educated on tools, software, and techniques that directly relate to my everyday life. Though, at times, they also provide some amusing stories from their lives.
I know, it is not fun to laugh at other people – especially ones that I don’t know – but it is OK to laugh along with them right? Well, today I came across a post that had me rolling with laughter … not only because it was funny – but also cause I have seen myself in similar situations. I just am a little more cautious before spending $70! Really, it brought back memories of letting my pots of boiling water run dry … letting the chicken cook to a crisp … and purchases of sour cream instead of cream cheese (hey … I just did not read the label … they were sitting right next to each other on the shelf!)
Thanks goes out to DrunkenBlog for brightening up the day.

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