It’s a girl!

Its always nice when the symbol of longevity and prosperity sits on the window just outside your door eh? Amy and Erik had just such luck.
Though not for us … (We still have no clue – any ideas?) Amy and Erik became the proud parents of 6 pounds 1.7 ounces, 19.5 inch baby girl, Madelyn Sara Johnson, at 1:58pm Sept 27, 2004. We got the phone call at 7:30am that morning … (remember – I am just getting out of bed) …
Erik: “So, we’re having a baby”
Me: “Yea … I know that”
Erik: “No … we’re having a baby – NOW!”
Me: “oh … Oh … OH!”
Needless to say, we (both Melissa and I) got up and dress right away. Melissa dropped me at work and headed straight to the “Women’s Center” – a new facility in the Lakewood Ranch area. This is actually the same location that we are planning to visit in several months … so we figured we would have Amy and Erik test it out for us. (To be honest … we are their based off their recommendations). The facility is nice built doctors offices, imaging, delivery room, and level 3 emergency all at the same location and without all the fuss of a standard hospital – it is really nice having everything so close … it becomes familiar and much more relaxing.
While her water broke at 4:30, it was not until much later that the contractions really started. The actual labour went by in minutes (we are talking under an hour here) … there was no baby and … ** poof ** .. Baby Madelyn! So now we know what a dream pregnancy is like … now, if we can only figure out her secret! Heck she was able to even cut 3 weeks off her pregnancy.
Krishen grabbed a nice family photo … our camera was lent out to allow some ‘documentation’ of this historic event.
Anyways … congratulations from both of us. You have a beautiful baby girl. We are looking forward to sharing hours of entertainment, adventure, and learning with her over the months and years to come. [Heck … we might even get some practice time in before the puck drops]

2 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  1. That is the second time I have read that their baby was 6 ounces, are you quite certain about that? I know it’s not the metric system, otherwise I’d be much clearer. But it seems to me that 6 oz is the lightest baby in history (half a pound I think). In terms I can understand: if an ounce is a shot glass worth of beer, or a bottle of beer is 12 ounces, that’s a very small baby!