Windy weather ahead

Well its already blowing … we are expecting to loose power sometime this evening. While the 3rd time might not be the charm … looks like #4 will be. Jeanne, our fourth major hurricane this season, has decided to come ashore and is moving west across the state. She is expected to turn north before actually reaching the coast, but then again … she WAS suppose to head north before even hitting land. Krishen has a great post of the current hurricane track … as well as the a previous track. I will keep everyone up to date … as long as I am able. I am just glad I made it home from the game tonight … would not want to leave Melissa to deal with all this alone.
As for the “Frozen Puck Cup”, five teams started the exhibition but only one came out on top … and that honor goes to Jeff, who played under the Tampa colours. He cruised by Krishen, aka Ottawa, 4-0 in the semi-finals before ousting Darren in the finals. Darren, playing as Toronto, had managed an OT semi-final win over myself, Vancouver, in another hard fought battle (Our personal series I believe sits around 3-2 in favor of Darren … but only until the next game).
Darren and I also teamed up and to beat Jeff and Krishen in a Stanley Cup game 7rematch (we were Calgary). That I think will end up being a recurring match-up this year … that and Canada-USA. We will have to do it again, thanks for hosting Jeff.

2 thoughts on “Windy weather ahead

  1. The Darren-Cam semi-final struggle was by far the best game of night. I think next time we might avoid the full-on bbq right before the playoffs, of course I’m glad you guys came hungry.

  2. I think I agree with Jeff on that one, our semi might have been the best game. Cam is far too modest, he forgets to mention the 4-2 shellacking he handed me earlier, and it was only that close because I got a late goal. Wish the final had been closer. I’m very thankful to Jeff for hosting!