After 60 minutes

After searching high and low … we finally came home with the prize
In a weekend where the rabid fans are taking home the box set of Star Wars … I pull a video game off the shelf. And after a pleasant Indian dinner, some pie and ice cream, and a few games of UNO … I head to the rink.
And once I got the feel of the controls it was time to step out on the ice … as non other than Vancouver of course. Matching head-to-head at home against the defending champions … Tampa Bay!
The first period was a struggle as I went down by 3. And it was 5-1 Tampa before I started to hit the twine a couple times. After a good effort in the ring by Allen, I managed to end the period tied at 5 a side. With one second to go in the third and the face-off in the offensive zone … I tried something tricky. The puck hit the ice, Morrison with a quick flick stuck the puck just inside the far post … 0.2 seconds left on the clock … to put the Canucks up by 3. Great game boys … and to think there would not be a season this year 🙂
Final tallies
Score: Van 9 – Tmp 6
Shots: Van 74 – Tmp 88
Hits: Van 116 – Tmp 72
Penalties: Van 3 – Tmp 3

5 thoughts on “After 60 minutes

  1. I was wondering the same thing about a potential tournament. Also, you might need my help to get those hits numbers up. Then again, you probably don’t want the corresponding increase in penalties though do you?
    If you play with me for a whole season you find it easy to win the cup because the rest of the teams are so depleted with injuries!

  2. Sounds like a plan. CM Place is open for hockey !!!!
    And don’t fret about a season ‘kick-off’ tournament … the plan is for this Saturday night to be hockey filled (Heck … what other night would even be acceptable??) TV rights are currently being negotiated (I am waiting for a return call from CBC).
    And the Jacoby Coliseum has also offered to host the event, with the 4 extra controllers and additional TV … we might think of inviting Bettmen and Goodenow for some added intermission mellow dramas?? Negotiations are in progress … stay tuned 🙂

  3. 4 different Canuck brews? Well that’s even better than my fridge has ever been I think.
    Now did Cam have a freudian slip with “mellow” dramas, beacause I would really expect melodramatic at best out of those two.
    Listen closely during the tournament for the new 2005 commentary (such as “he couldn’t see the net because the goalie’s wallet was in the way, talk about over sized equipment!”).