Rackem’, Packem’, and Stackem’

Latest Florida postcard: not my creation, but it sure is funny … there were a couple others but they weren’t as appropriate
Krishen had a funny posting that had me go check out the current status at sea. It has been a busy hurricane season this year … Hurricane Isabel was the last storm I heard about last year – at least that I recorded. So, I am keeping my ear to the ground (or sky?) to see just how many get named this year – still building my reference base.
Currently, we have JEANNE while is packing 90mph winds and expected to reach category 2 status as it loops around for another shot at hitting the Florida/Georgia/Carolina coasts. KARL packs a punch at 115mph max sustained winds but seems to be heading straight by the Atlantic – watch out in the Maritimes. Our latest bundle of joy is LISA, still not registered as a hurricane (only 65 mph winds), is moving west though projections have her turning to the north before land-fall. So are we out of the season? Who knows … there is a ‘un-named’ storms still brewing out there which make watching the atlantic satellite shots interesting … all queued up and ready to reek havoc.
But, as I said before, the waters are cooling which should help bring an end to this storm season. We do still have a month remaining (Nov 1st I believe is the official end to the season) so I will continue to watch the news.

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