By moonlight

Last night, Melissa and I headed out for a nice coastal stroll … the city park down by Marina Jack provided a nice back drop. It ended up being a nice walk under the moon light. And as we walked and talked … we also tried our hand at more photography.

We would like to also send our best wishes to Grampa Hemphill, who underwent surgery last night. He required a few new “parts” to repair his broken shoulders obtained late last week. I am happy to report that everything went as planned and he is on his way to recovery. We send all our love and best wishes … make sure you heal quick, you are going to need those arms again soon.

5 thoughts on “By moonlight

  1. Good looking pics. I see you’ve been playing with the black and white options. Which do you like better, the B&W or the color?

  2. Yea … don’t know if it was pulled up onto the rocks to avoid sinking – or just pushed there. But it, along with several others, have been left “beached” on the harbour rocks.
    I have been playing a little with B&W … as well as the many other camera options. B&W pics work in certain situations when – more mood setting – so I don’t really have a preference … I do know that taking good black and white pics seems a lot harder to do. Took some of Melissa a couple days ago that seemed to work out well. These would have been done better with a ‘green’ lens filter … but we are going with what we have right now 🙂

  3. Great shots Cam. My favorite is that last one, with Melissa. Got some nice lines going on in it.
    Green?! What’s that do? Nifty. I’d like to play around with filters sometime.
    I like that you threw a few black and white shots in there. I like it for portraits because it can lessen the noticability of skin tone blemishes. Also good for lessening effect of a colourfully “noisy” background. Plus, it’s fun 🙂